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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pick & Mix Noodle & Rice Restaurant

Establishment: Pick & Mix

Genre/Type: Korean/Noodles

Location/Contact Information: Pick & Mix Corp. 1234 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107

Website: TBA

Cost: (total/person paid): $10.21

Alcohol: no

Beverages: cans of pop

Take out or Eat in: Both

Our first impression(s):  We walked into the typical Asian take out place next door accidentally--maybe our fault, but when we entered Pick and Mix, I was pleasantly surprised. Easy to read menu, simple selections, made me feel at first as if we had limits.

The manager was there behind the counter, telling us that he'd opened three days ago and had a steady stream so far. I asked what he recommended, and he mentioned the sweet potato noodles, but they were out! (Poor recommendation--I love sweet potatoes). He apologized and said, "try the brown rice with a sweet sauce." I did: brown rice, beef, bean sprouts, carrots, egg, and broccoli (see? I picked, then I mixed).  Teriyaki sauce topped the dish, and it was ready in about 3 minutes.  My dinner companion chose the chicken with spicy sauce, brown rice, peppers, mushrooms (a little extra charge for the shrooms), and teriyaki sauce, but with the spicy chicken.

We loved it. Simple, edible, light, but tasty. Not too salty, not too spicy, not too 'take out'.  Each meal was accompanied by a small styrofoam bowl of Miso (an interesting, and probably unnecessary touch). The miso was salty, flavorful, and thankfully had no chunks of gelatinous tofu I'm accustomed to, but did taste of miso, so I was content. A couple cans of diet soda accompanied the meal.

While eating, the manager brought over a serving of the crispy wings he claims are the best in town--I have news-->they are great! Crispy, deliciously spicy and tangy sauce that didn't overwhelm, nor hurt me (i enjoy spicy, but i'm a wimp). My dinner partner enjoyed them, too, and it was a nice gesture from the new manager.

The place was clean, cozy, and somewhat modern of decor, with (interstingly) Shrek 2 playing on the large television---I couldn't help but glance up.

Overall, thumbs up, scores are good. Next time you're out for a quick bite at lunchtime, or perhaps a late night snack, stop in at 'Pick & Mix' for a noodle dish--the guy in charge tells me he won't run out of noodles again.

Our Scores (on a scale of 0 (horrifying) to 20 (deliciously awesome and worth every shekel):
D: 14/20
P:  14/20

Not haute cuisine, but a great new option in WeHa.

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